Washington DC Shooter Kills with an Assault Rifle

Washington DC Shooter Kills with an Assault Rifle. This unfortunate shooting is just another shooting that could have been avoided by banning assault rifles. What’s it going to take, another Sandy Hook? Another mass murderer in a night club? And yet the GOP and the NRA are in bed with each other, fighting for the right to own these massive guns that only the police should have.

James Hodgkinson’s police record told about the former spousal abuse, but the woman didn’t press charges. If she would have pressed charges he wouldn’t have been able to buy a gun, due to recent legislation that would keep men who abuse their mates, can’t buy a gun.Of course, the NRA is against anything that interferes wth the ability to buy a gun like this and go out and shoot large groups of people. If a man abuses his mate he shouldn’t be able to buy a gun.

Stricter, safer gun laws would prohibit the sale of a gun to someone with mental illness. Although friends said the shooter was a good guy and was always fun be around. There is something to say when a normal person gets wrapped up in the politics of the day and goes berserk.

And, having a President who insults and disregards large groups of people, who disrespects women, who says racist, sexist remarks. He even mocked a disabled person. Our President has said many things that affect people in a negative way. He wants to take health care away from 24 million people, he has allegedly sexually assaulted women and bragged about it. A President who is trying to keep Muslum’s out of our country because of their religion. There are millions of people who don’t like the way our country is being run, the President and the GOP leaders trying to undo every good thing Obama ever did. It’s downright meanness. The bullying has got to stop. It’s not all the reason this incident happened but I say it may have been a part of it.

Many of us on both sides are not proud of Mr. Trump and his tweet storms.
I hope all the people who had to witness this horrible event can come to terms with it.

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