RG3 era ends with Washington Redskins

Washington Redskins fans, it’s done. Robert Griffin III, the quarterback that brought so much energy and excitement back to the Redskins nation in 2012 has left the building. Good luck RG3.

It wasn’t all bad.  We got an NFC East Division Championship with him at the helm. We were the talk of the town…for a brief moment.  And then came the injury, the change in play, and the house of cards the Redskins built so delicately on the legs of RG3 fell to the ground miserably, never to be rebuilt.  What appeared to be the answer Washington was looking for, turned out to be nothing more than the story of a young man’s talents used up way too early in his career.  To his credit, the more than 8,000 yards passed and the 90 percent Quarterback rating on the exit looks good. But the 100+ sacks tells the story of a young, beat up quarterback that could barely breathe. 

RG3 needed some things that were not available to him:

  1. A coach that would tell him no. During the Wildcard playoff game against the Seattle Seahawks everyone could RG3 needed to sit down, except RG3…and his coach. He needed leadership, not the pressures of fans and lights to lead him.
  2. RG3 needed understanding – If they knew he couldn’t play pocket then why not draft a pocket passer? RG3’s play at Baylor showed he was a mobile quarterback. This should have been expected and for a moment EVERYONE liked it –  until he got injured. Then they wanted him to change up a style he’d played forever and a day. People have retired for less. 
  3. An offensive line: No matter what you think about the Offensive line, they played for who they wanted to play for.  Watching them play with Kirk at center in comparison to RG3 revealed obvious favoritism and confidence shown in the backup rather than the starter. I don’t know what RG3 did to get them to play at such a low level for him, but it was bad.

Wherever RG3 goes he will need to humble himself and realize that his stardom is only a byproduct of playing the game of football – it’s not football.  He needs to get engaged with his lockeroom community and truly understand who’s playing with him and not for him. The coach needs to sit him down and let him know immediately that he’s here for football. He should not be offended, because that’s the reality. There’s still a story here to tell and I do hope someone is able to tell it. Otherwise, he’ll just be the next Bo Jackson (run with the comparison), where fans got a glimpse at something great, only to watch it fade away far before its time.

(Featured image from Pixabay.)

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