Looking for a Wattpad Alternative? Check Out Penstrokes!

Wattpad is a writing site where fiction writers can write the fiction they want and get critiques from readers and writers. They can share their imagination with the world, be exposed to new readers, and get feedback on the stories they write.  Serial writers especially love this site because it allows them to have their series in one place where readers can easily find it.

What could possibly be wrong with that?  Why would you want a Wattpad alternative?

One reason could be that readers can’t read unless they join the site.  What if they don’t want to join?  Not everyone wants to be a member of the site to read what’s on there.  It’s not a big thing but if you’re going to get new readers and publish online, why not make your work available to everyone?

The biggest reason, at least in my mind, is that you, the writer, don’t get paid.  Not a thing.  But Wattpad does.  Check this out:


Notice the two ads? They are on every page of YOUR story.  When people click on it, the site earns money. None of it is returned to the writers, who create the content that readers come from.  None of it goes to the writers that PROMOTE their stories, and thus the site.  It all goes to the owners of Wattpad.  

So, yes, your fiction gets seen and read on Wattpad.  But in the long run, the ones that benefit from it are the ones that own the site.  They are just allowing you the privilege of publishing on their site…for free. Because you’re only a writer.  Why would you actually want to make a bit of money from the stories you take time to create.

Now here’s a thought…

What if just some of the writers on Wattpad moved to a site where some of the money from ads went back to them? What if some writers started publishing on a site where the owners give a hoot about their writers and give back to them – financially?  What if some writers went to a site where the owners actually listen to what they want and need to build a writing community where you anyone can read for free and writers could share their work and make a bit of money – maybe a lot of money if the site got to be as big as Wattpad?

“Nah – there’s nothing out there like that…”

Is there?

But there is!

The site is called PenStrokes and it is a sister site of the very site you are reading on.

PS FB page

YOU write.

YOU promote.

YOU get a share of the site’s income.

It’s really quite simple.

What can you write?

  • poetry
  • short stories
  • serial stories

(the only thing that is not allowed is anything that is adult focused – i.e. no erotica or extreme violence)

Are there other benefits to writing on PenStrokes?

Yes! As a matter of fact there is!  If you’ve written a story and you are selling it on Amazon you can publish an excerpt of your story (maybe the first chapter) and then link to your book for sale on Amazon.  Or if you have a short story that is related to something you’ve published on Amazon, you can publish it on PenStrokes and then link to the rest of the series.  There are lots of ways you can promote other works that you sell, including on sites like Smashwords or Oyster or Scribd and other publishing platforms.

Get Started!

Start by reading the FAQ – these are the basic rules that you need to follow if you want to publish on the site.  All posts are read by editors and if you don’t follow the rules, your post may be sent back to draft with a note regarding what to fix.  Our editors are very nice.  They don’t bite. 🙂

Once you’ve done that, register by sending an email to [email protected] with a request for an account.  Include some links to things you’ve published in the past or a sample of a story or a few poems you’d like to published (they won’t be used without your consent).  Include the name you’d like to register with and the email address you’d like to be associated with your account, too.  Tell us anything you think we should know.

We’d love to have you join us and make PenStrokes the best site for fiction and poetry writers!

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