Ways to Hide a Dent on a Washer

If you need ways to hide a dent on a washer, you’ve come to the right place. My son bashed in the front of my washing machine when he was a kid, and I had to find a way to cover the damage. It was in my utility room, and I couldn’t stand how it looked. In addition, the house was up for sale, and the appliances stayed. That would be a huge deterrent. I found a phenomenal solution to hide a ding on a washer, and it looked better than ever. No one knew that it was damaged. It really didn’t matter since it still worked as it should. After all, dents are only cosmetic problems, and they can be successfully hidden. These are a couple of eye-catching options.

One of the Easiest Ways to Hide a Dent on a Washer

Maybe the thought of using refrigerator magnets hasn’t occurred to you when seeking ways to hide a dent on a washer, but they’re good for decorating more than the fridge. Depending on the height of the dent, one or more could be used to cover it up. You might be able to get away with using ordinary fridge magnets. You’ll find some that mention laundry, and they’re ideal for a utility room or laundry closet. The following magnet is 3.5” x 2.5”, and you’ll find other related options. They can be used in conjunction to cover a small ding on a washing machine. You’ll need something more if it’s large.

Wine Gifts Funny Retro Refrigerator Magnet What Wine Goes with LaundryWine Gifts Funny Retro Refrigerator Magnet What Wine Goes with Laundry

Consider Using a Decorative Magnetic Laundry Room Sheet

If the damage is too close to the floor or far too big to conceal, consider using a decorative magnetic sheet for the washer. After all, you wouldn’t want to display them near the bottom. I published a post on decorative magnetic sheets for dishwashers the other day. You’ll find many colors, subjects, and styles to choose from, but you’ll also find a small selection with a laundry theme. They provide one of the best ways to hide a dent on a washer since they cover the entire front. Keep in mind that you can use those that are advertised for dishwashers and refrigerators on the front of your washing machine and even the side of your dryer. They’re easy to trim to the perfect size. No one will see the damage underneath. 

You Can Use Decorative Magnetic Dishwasher Sheets Too!

Laundry Washer Magnetic CoverLaundry Washer Magnetic Cover

These are just a couple of great ways to hide dents on appliances. Paint won’t work. All that it does is change the color. It’s important to use something that will conceal the damage altogether. That’s why I’m suggesting magnetic designs. They’ll easily stick, and they’ll cover the problem. No one will notice. All they will see is the color and/or design of your decorative covering of choice. It couldn’t get any easier! 

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