Ways to Prevent Cat Litter on the Floor

Do you need ways to prevent cat litter on the floor? Some kitties scatter it all over when leaving the pan. Of course they can’t help it. Imagine having to step into your toilet. It’s not a pleasant thought. The floor certainly wouldn’t stay dry, especially with paws instead of feet and hands. Do cats care either way? Absolutely not. It’s a human dilemma, but you can find solutions. These methods will help to significantly cut down on the amount of cat litter on the floor.

Are You Overfilling the Box?

First of all, are you adding too much litter to the pan? It must be deep enough for digging, but it shouldn’t come past the halfway point. That’s the area in between the bottom of the pan and the opening of the box. You might have to scoop it more often, but it’s a give and take situation. Which would you rather do? Would you rather have to sweep several times each day, or would you rather scoop the pan once? Buy higher quality cat litter and odor won’t be an issue. It really isn’t any more expensive than cheaper varieties because you won’t have to use as much. You truly get what you pay for.   

One of the Best Ways to Prevent Cat Litter on the Floor

A rug might seem like an obvious solution to prevent cat litter tracking, but the tiny bits cling to paws. Not just any rug will work. Put down a small one, and kitty will jump over no matter what it’s made of. They instinctively avoid rugs when exiting the pan. Maybe you’ve already tried that. Consider a big cat litter box mat. Most are too small, and cats avoid them. You have to select a much larger mat that even Super Kitty can’t avoid.

Kitty Won’t Leap Over This One!

Easyology Premium Cat Litter Mat - XL Super Size - Extra Large Scatter Control Kitty Litter Mats for Cats Tracking Litter Out of Their Box - Soft on Paws- Elegant for Your Home- (Patent Pending)Easyology Premium Cat Litter Mat – XL Super Size – Extra Large Scatter Control Kitty Litter Mats for Cats Tracking Litter Out of Their Box – Soft on Paws- Elegant for Your Home- (Patent Pending)

A Big PVC Cat Litter Mat Helps to Significantly Lessen Tracking

The Easyology Cat Litter Mat is made from tightly woven PVC material that’s said to capture 37% more than ordinary rugs or mats. Since it covers a larger area, the cat won’t be able to avoid it. Simply shake it out, vacuum, and/or rinse it off when needed. It comes in a variety of colors, and it’s stylish too! However, you might want to take one more precaution. Some cats drag excessive amounts of litter out of the box, and others are furious diggers. They need a different style of box in addition to a big mat.

It Stops Tracking and Keeps the Dog Out

Clevercat Top Entry LitterboxClevercat Top Entry Litterbox

Have You Considered a Top Entrance Cat Litter Box?

If a big cotton rug isn’t one of the best ways to prevent cat litter on the floor, you’re going to need a new cat litter box, but not the type with a front entrance. Even those with flaps and high sides won’t always contain the litter. Consider the top entrance cat litter box pictured above. It should help to significantly decrease cat litter tracking. As the kitty jumps out, clinging litter will have more of a chance to fall out from between the toes and the crevices of the paws. If your cat gets litter on the floor while digging, he can try to dig a hole to China if it makes his heart happy. Use both methods to prevent cat litter on the floor and it will stay in the box where it belongs.

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