Ways to Remove Eye Makeup Without Soap

Remove Eye Makeup Without Soap


Options to Remove Eye Makeup Without Soap – 

Many people remove mascara in the bath or shower, but soap can get into the eyes and cause redness and extreme irritation. It is best to remove eye makeup without soap because it is very drying and harsh on sensitive skin around the eyes. It should not be used to take off cosmetics of any type. Use one of these easy ways to remove eye makeup without soap. They soften the skin while removing eye liner, eye shadow, mascara, concealer and even glitter. I would only use soap if I didn’t have anything else on hand, and I would be extremely careful.

Precautionary Statement

Follow product label directions for warnings, precautions and directions before using any of the following options. Use commonsense, and do not apply the following products in the eyes. They are meant for external use only. It’s best to seek ways to remove eye makeup without soap since the bar variety can be very irritating.

Baby Oil is One of the Best Ways to Remove Eye Makeup without Soap

Baby oil is a very versatile product, and it’s good for more than just creating a waterproof barrier between a baby’s skin and diaper. It is a phenomenal eye makeup remover. Simply apply it to a tissue, and gently wipe the eyes. Mascara, eye liner and other cosmetics will come right off, and without irritating the skin. I have used it when in a pinch. It works well to remove eye makeup without soap. Bar soap burns and irritates my skin.

Buy Eye Makeup Remover

The safest and most effective way to remove eye makeup without soap is with eye makeup remover. It is available in liquid, lotion, gel and pad form. I prefer Almay Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover Pads over any other non-soap option. It is inexpensive, and a container of 80 pads lasts two to three months. Since it is formulated for use on the eyes, it does not sting, burn or irritate the skin.

Use Petroleum Jelly

I have used petroleum jelly to remove my eye makeup. It works well, and even a small jar lasts a long time. If I ran out of my Almay Oil-Free Makeup Remover Pads, it would be my next choice. I would use the unscented variety. To avoid germs and a possible infection, I would never use petroleum jelly that others have used for any other purpose. In any case, if you decide to use petroleum jelly or any of the aforementioned eye makeup removers, use extreme caution to avoid getting it in the eyes.  

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