Ways to Keep Flies Off of Food Outdoors

Flies are some of the vilest insects around, especially when food is involved. I don’t even have to go into details on why they’re dirty pests. I’m sure that most people are aware of their nasty habits. Details aren’t necessary here. People just want to know the best ways to keep flies off of food outdoors, especially when it’s a buffet-style picnic or event. It’s nearly impossible to keep everything covered at the same time using lids, foil, plastic wrap and other conventional methods. I’ve found much better options. They keep gnats, bees, wasps, flies and insects of all types off of food.

Ideas and Options for Backyard Parties and Picnics

It doesn’t matter where you’re serving friends and/or family members. Flies can ruin a good time no matter the location. People can’t continually watch the serving tables while standing by to shoo them away. When I was a child, we just dealt with the pests as best as possible. I remember seeing countless gnats and flies at all of our picnics. More insects showed up than relatives!

Just Flew in from Pixabay to Ruin Your Picnic

Just Flew in from Pixabay to Ruin Your Picnic

Back then I didn’t realize just how disgusting they were. I’m talking about the gnats and flies, not the relatives. Well, maybe one or two who were related by marriage. In all seriousness, these days I wouldn’t even attempt to host a party or picnic without taking precautions against insects, especially flies. There are much better ways to keep flies off of food these days.

Consider this as an example. Maybe you’ve experienced the same problem. I try to keep dishes covered indoors in an attempt to serve hot food, but invariably, people take what they want and set the coverings aside. Just imagine the same scenario outdoors. Countless flies and gnats would have a feast!


Hanging a Clear Bag of Water Supposedly Helps

I’ve heard that one of the best ways to keep flies off of food outdoors is to drive them away, but not with chemical products. Chemical sprays and food are a bad combination. Many use a strange old tactic, and they claim that it works. I haven’t tried it, and I can’t say whether it really works or not, but it won’t hurt to mention it. It’s up to you to try it if you want to take a chance on an old wives’ tales. I’d like to know why they’re referred to as old wives’ tales and not old husband’s tales. I guess the men just sat down to eat back then. It was up to the women to keep the flies away.

Supposedly, if you place a few pennies in a clear bag of water and hang it near your outdoor dining area, flies will stay away. It sounds ridiculous, but some insist that it works. Others disagree. Snopes lists the tactic as unproven. Purportedly, the reflections seen by the flies are magnified to gigantic proportions, and they’re ultimately scared away. Another theory says that light is refracted through the water-filled bags and bounce off of the pennies. It’s said to hurt their eyes. I’d rather use ways to keep flies off of food outdoors that I know will work, and I’d rather not turn my outdoor event into a sideshow that people will laugh about later.


Best Ways to Keep Flies Off of Food Outdoors

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Pop-Up Food Covers Provide Ways to Keep Flies Off of Food Outdoors

Mesh covers are my preferred ways to keep flies off of food outdoors whether I’m attending a picnic or hosting a backyard party. Pop-up food covers come in all shapes and sizes, and they’re reasonable and reusable solutions that work. Some people prefer large covers that protect half of the picnic table and everything on it. Others want individual covers, and I found the best deal.

Pictured on the left is a set of 12 Trademark Innovations Pop Up Food Covers. I haven’t seen anything similar for less, especially since the set includes a dozen covers of various colors and sizes. A set of three that’s offered by the same seller is only a few dollars less! I wanted to share this fantastic deal with friends, readers and anyone in search of the best ways to keep flies off of food outdoors.

I didn’t mind the flies as much when I was a kid, but I can’t stand them now. I don’t want them touching the food, the plates or anything else on the table(s). I guess the old saying, “what you don’t know doesn’t hurt you,” holds lots of truth. These days I know where those flies have been, and what they do to our food is more than unmentionable. It’s downright disgusting!


Features and Details

  • Set includes four 16” x 8” (blue), four 13.75” x 8” (red) and four 12” x 6” (green) covers
  • Made of extremely fine polyester mesh and spring wire
  • Folds flat for transport and storage


Washable Outdoor Tablecloths are Better Than Vinyl or Plastic

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How to Stop Flies from Gaining Entry from Below

Pop-up food covers are one of the best ways to keep flies off of food outdoors. Not only are they ideal to place over serving dishes and bowls, but they’re also great for covering filled plates of food. However, if the picnic table or dining table has openings or slats, insects can still gain entry from below. They’re not as dumb as they appear. Consider washable tablecloths instead of cheap vinyl or plastic to create a solid impenetrable surface for dining and holding serving dishes.

DII 100% Cotton, Machine Washable, Dinner, Summer & Picnic Tablecloths come in numerous colors, designs and sizes, and they’re well worth the price since they will last through many more picnics than vinyl or plastic of any type. The checkered red and white classic design pictured to the right is just one of many options on the list. They’re phenomenal table coverings since the edges are hemmed all of the way around. They’re one of the highest rated best-selling 100% cotton washable tablecloths available for indoor or outdoor use, and they’re far better than plastic or vinyl. Along with the aforementioned pop-up food covers, they’re one of the best ways to keep flies off of food outdoors since they block access from below.

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