We Bought Three Roosters

I live on a 10 acre hobby farm in Alberta.  We keep sheep, a donkey, and llama.  These are pets and we would not eat them.  The sheep help to keep the grass in the pasture under control or else it can become a fire hazard.  They are mostly unusual sheep, being as some are hair sheep and do not have wool.

We also have birds, we have kept ducks, pigeons, pheasants, and chickens, and currently also have quail.  In the past we had some hens for eggs, and kept rooster and hen pairs for raising chicks, but this year we decided just to get some roosters for “pets”.

We went to an odd and unusual critter auction where we came home with 3 Ameraucana roosters.  This breed is noted for laying blue or green eggs.  Of course roosters do not lay eggs but they are just cool to have around.

My roosters

For now they are scared but in a few days they will walk around and explore their enclosure and once they are bonded to the farm we can let them free range.

Roosters can get along with each other as long as there are no hens around.  If you have hens you need to have more hens than you have roosters or need to separate them.

Lean how to care for pet chickens before getting any if you are thinking this is for you.  Also note that in some urban areas they may not be allowed.

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