Is it Weird for Older People to Play Video Games?

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If you haven’t noticed, my profile picture (avatar) is a cartoonish elf. She is actually a blood elf, a race that is part of the Horde faction in the online game World of Warcraft. My alter ego, Jadelynx, is a max level priest (healer) this means that it is her job to keep others in the game (real people) alive to fight the foe of the moment. I have many characters that I play in World of Warcraft, but Jade is my favorite, that is why I use her as my avatar in most all my online dealings.

World of Warcraft is a fairly big part of my life. I play it every day for at least a couple hours. Is that weird? I mean, online games and video games are usually aimed at young people in the 12 to 20 category. Actually you would be surprised at just how many of us oldies there are that play games. Most all the people in my guild are over 30, with many of us well over 40. It’s kind of funny actually, the leader of our guild is a TV show producer. We also have a railroad maintenance manager, a travel agent, a Baptist minister and the general manager of a concrete company, just to name a few. We are not your normal “live in mom’s basement, unemployed geeks” that most people picture as the type that play video/online games. In fact, I believe that people like us could very well be the silent majority of people that play games these days, and it will only become more true as the kids that were raised on video games grow up and get older.

Who knows, in a few years the number one game may very well be Zombie Apocalypse at the Nursing Home!

What do you think about older people playing video games? 

This one is 86!


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