Wesley Snipes Movies : New Jack City (1991)

Been a fan of Wesley Snipes ever since he made an appearance in the Michael Jackson video “Bad”.  Who knew where he would go from there?  Ending up being cast as a ruthless drug lord in the 1991 film “New Jack City” was not really a surprise.  After all, he was very convincing as a scary street thug in that MJ video.  🙂

What kind of movies do you like?

  • True stories, i.e. films that are a reenactment of events that happened in real life?
  • Fiction either based on a good novel or a really good script?
  • Action and adventure?
  • Sci-fi and fantasy? Comedy? Mystery, Suspense and Thriller?

How about movies that are serious but its difficult to categorize them so they get lumped into Drama?

Do you like intricate complex or complicated characters, placed in impossible situations that are faced with having to make legal, moral and/or ethical decisions that hopefully result in them doing the right thing?

  1. Do you like flicks where the bad guy is sort of a good guy and youre confused as to whether he should be punished or congratulated? … OR
  2. Do you like to watch movies where there is absolutely no question who the REAL BAD GUY is and at the end of the movie, TRUE JUSTICE IS SERVED??

If Number 2 is your kind of movie, then you need to watch New Jack City.

new jack city


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