What are Some Fighting for? Something to Think About

There seems to be a continuous battle in just about every area. A fight that seems to be a long process. Wondering when the injustices will receive the attention justice needs? Perhaps there’s some “progress” but there should be more. Some may not know exactly what they’re fighting for. Standing up for what one believes in is necessary. Some seem to be just making situations more difficult. There should be some problem solving going on. 

Some seem to be so disconnected, the connections seem to have to go through many storms in order to stay connected, doesn’t seem fair at all. Of course is stated that there will be some unfairness while living here on earth. Perhaps there’s more than we’ve expected. Not a day goes by that there isn’t some disturbance. Although there’s a lot of trouble in the lands. There are still ways to generate some peace. “Finding the most effective and positive ways is extremely important.” 

There are so many who have fought a good fight trying to solve some of the matters within society. With all the speeches and marches some choose to still be disorderly. There is a lot of work to be done. A lot of injustices continue and so many aren’t giving the injustices the time that they need. There has to be some solutions or we’ll continue to see a further decline within the educational system and other areas. 

Taking some time to ponder on how to solve some of these matters is important. Yes, there are some unwilling to allow individuals to have the time to “find the proper methods” and to solve what needs to be solves. A lot of chatter goes on but how many are willing to put in the work to make a better society and Country? Some coming up against the ones who are at least trying to make a difference. 

Doesn’t seem fair but also doesn’t seem logical. There should be joy in knowing that some really do care about creating a more stable “economy.” To have a country where there truly is freedom is something to work towards to and to be joyful when doing so. We’re dealing with many problems and some are only creating more problems instead of trying to find some solutions. 

Of course any person who takes a stand will have to deal with some unruly individuals. Some not caring whether there’s positive changes or not. Perhaps some aren’t concerned because they’re not affected by the injustices or at least not the some of the others are. A lot of mistakes continue to be made. A lot of dysfunctional behaviors continue to occur. If we’re not willing to help “create a better society” then we’re in the category of troubling people. “Taking Stands are Necessary in Order to Make Improvements and Incur Stability.” By: Tanikka Paulk

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