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Oh boy, another day and still, yes the same everyday. The same negativity. The same toxicity in the virtual world. Guess what there’s joy. Yes in deed. With all the negativity there’s blessings. So the negatives produced some gofts. Hooray! So there’s smiles because there’s some good news. What? Oh yes. There’s some good in it all. They don’t know and we’re going to keep things sealed. Yes, yes, yes. “Chuckles.” ? Well. There has to be something positive out of the toxic environments. Right?

The sun is shining oh so bright. They think they’ve figured it out. Oh no. There’s omething on the agenda. We tell others what we want them to know. Everything else is off the grid. “Rolling Over.” The tossing, pulling, and fretting is for a good cause. Carry on. The more they think they know the less they actually know. They meaning a certain group of people. 

The world is filled with critics, cynics, naysayers etc. There’s something different in the city, town, state. Just moving along and revealing what needs to be revealed but there’s more. Some may think that we’re saying too much when a lot hasn’t been revealed. Keeping a lid on it. Can’t see what’s happening. No. See we will have to come in contact with some difficult people. Some will only be online. 

God’s got it. Yes. While games are being played. Something is going on. Laughter. We have to enjoy life even when things go sour. The birds continue to chirp with the good and bad. Some even chirp in the evening. All the plans to spoil a person’s ife will cease. Just sit back and observe the situation. They don’t know. 

Even when there’s negativity. There’s some positivity. When others try to discourage us. There’s plenty of reasons to be encouraged. In darkness there’s light. All the hateful efforts in the world can’t defeat the Living God or Jesus Christ. So evil doesn’t prevail. That’s why we can sit back and chuckle. Life is to be enjoyed and not bothered with toxins. 

Some will never understand or try to understand others. They’ll keep going in circles trying to achieve mishaps in other people’s ives but are digging their own holes. There’s onfidence in knowing that there’s the “Armor of God.” Mankind certainly can’t defeat God in Heaven. We live our lives whether evil goes on or not. There’s always a blessing somewhere. As long as we continue make strides and remain hopeful. Everything will be alright. 

Here’s a Post About Allowing Sunshine Even When the Negatives Arise


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