What Happened To Halloween?

After a day of trick or treating with my daughter i have to wonder, what happened to Halloween?

It seems like every year the crowds of children get smaller and smaller. We have more candy left over each year and you just don’t see that many kids out anymore.

I remember when I was a kid we would be out from the minute we got home from school until around 9pm or later. During the day was always busier because the younger kids went out but that made the night time trick or treating that much more fun and special.

Today there were very few kids out at all during the day and when the sun went down it may as well have been just another night.

Now I know this year Halloween was on a school night but last year it was a Saturday and even then it was a pretty small crowd. I thought for sure last year would be crazy because it was on Saturday but not so much. The weather was fine and there were people out but by 7:30 it was probably quieter then a regular Saturday night.

Now I know there are a lot more safe trick or treat spots like school and such but even still it seems the last couple of years has really seen a decline in kids hitting the streets. I have to say it is a bit depressing to see such a small turn out. I feel like the kids today don’t get out and just do something enough as it is but now even the Holidays are taking a hit.

Along with the lack of kids it seems like a lot of the adults are just not interested either. More and more I see houses with candy bowls outside. People can’t be bothered to answer a door any more they just leave out what ever treats they have and hope everyone is honest. Sadly you can always count on some older kids being greedy and taking everything leaving nothing for the little ones.

We used to leave a bowl out only while we were trick or treating ourselves but, once we were home we answered the door. I think as an adult part of the fun is seeing all of the kids in costume. This year I would probably put down ass the Halloween with the least amount of trick or treater’s yet.

I could go in to a whole thing about how times have changed and maybe it’s because as a community we are just not as social anymore. kids don’t knock on a door to play with a friend and everything is so scheduled it’s ridiculous. That is for another article. For now I just hope that this is not a sign that Halloween is not a dying tradition! 

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