What is Asthma?

Asthma is a chronic or a recurrent disease that affects the lungs. People prone to asthma suffer from shortness of breath, coughs and experience tightness in the chest. They also suffer from a condition that is known as wheezing. This condition takes place in the form of a whistling sound when they breathe in and out. Since the airways to the lungs are swollen or inflamed, people also tend to suffer from allergies as well. These allergies often increase problems for the patient.

What are the causes of asthma?
There are several causes of asthma in people. The disease can affect both adults and children. The problem starts early in life at about five years of age. Children with the condition often suffer from respiratory infections. Other factors trigger off asthma in the form of colds, stress, lack of exercise, etc. The following are the prime causes of asthma in people and children across the world-

Tobacco smoke

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Tobacco smoke
Children of parents who smoke are exposed to second-hand smoke or passive smoking. This tends to make them asthmatic. Teenagers who smoke are also prone to the risks of asthma when they grow up into adults.

Environmental Pollution
Air pollution is the primary cause of asthma and its associated health complications across the world. Toxic chemicals and emissions from vehicles and industries comprise of substances like nitrogen oxide, Sulphur dioxide, etc. These chemicals cause hay fever and wheezing. People experience a tight sensation in the chest when they inhale or exhale. Sulphur dioxide causes asthmatic attacks because the substance obstructs the airways to the lungs.

Obesity in adults and children
Overweight people are prone to asthma. Most individuals who do not exercise or lead sedentary lifestyles are at risk to the condition. Most of them suffer from asthma that is non-allergic in nature over allergic.

Pregnancy Nature
Babies that are born from a Caesarian Section are more prone to develop asthma over children born from a vaginal birth. Most doctors say that during Caesarian Section births, the baby is exposed to bacteria and infections may arise because of this reason. Mothers that smoke also put their children to asthma risks. Children that are born from parents that smoke has reduced pulmonary function.

Daily Stress
This reason is the leading cause of asthma today. People are hard pressed for life and manage much pressure in the workplace. This is why they resort to smoking. Excessive smoking places them at risk to asthma.

People suffering from both chronic and long-term asthma need to live with it. There is no permanent cure for the disease. People must take preventive measures if they are suffering or at risk of asthma. They should go to the right doctors and undergo regular check-ups. Children should be looked after well. Parents who smoke must give up the habit of smoking during pregnancy and at home so that children can grow up to become happy and healthy individuals. Being aware and educated about the disease is the first step towards a better quality of life!

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