What is Fiction?

 There are only a few selected amount of people who can consider themselves writers. However, what they write about is something to be desired. There are some people who will write about non-fiction topics, which revolve around the real world. Then, there are the people who love to fantasize and be in their own worlds. Often, the latter type of people will try to hide it though. Or they may flat out tell you that they like to write fiction.

What exactly is fiction, you ask? Fiction is a bunch of varying lengths of prose that has been conjured up by your very own mind. Especially if you have your own little world already plotted out to the extent of knowing what is going on. But, try not to get too comfortable in your world. You will have a long journey ahead of you when you look around. There are twists, turns, plot holes, and possibly plenty of hiking.

Fork in road

Fork in road (Photo credit: creativelenna)








Fiction is relatively easy when you have only one idea in mind, yet it becomes like a fork in the road when you start to get multiple ideas. Just be wary though for imaginary critters. Though the intent is also to have fun!


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