What is it That so Many Want?

So many seem to be misplaced not really knowing what it is they truly want. Not knowing how to be grateful just wanting more and more. Some not knowing how to deal with matters effectively and causing more problems. Some desiring to control others and tell as many lies as they can in order to try and take hold of what isn’t their calling. How does a person deal with so many trying to cause a cease? My calling isn’t for another. My blessings belong to no other however what I’m “blessed” with will be given to others. 

Some never treating others with dignity. Never trying to build but always on a mission to tear down. Perhaps the world we’re living in. Some have claimed this world is like living in hell. Who really knows what hell is like? Even with the descriptions it would be difficult to truly know what hell is like. Being on earth certainly is rough. Having to deal with certain individuals can be a headache. No matter how difficult some are there as to be thoughts of hope somewhere. Some refusing “to accept” the what is and trying to hinder others. 

What is for Tanikka Paulk just is. No matter how many try to cause an upset. God and Jesus Christ is always leading the way. God knows what I’ve been through. He knows where I’m going. Some thinking they’re so powerful that they’re able to force individuals to do whatever it is that they say to do. My destiny isn’t chosen by man. So many seem “to think” they own Tanikka Paulk. No matter what’s said I’m no pushover and will remain firm in my stance. 

There are so many who have been forced out of their “position.” Some thinking that the pressure was too much to bare. Some not wanting to hear the angry crowd moan and yell the words which they feel will pierce one’s soul. Some have even taken their own lives. Prayer helps when having to deal with so many matters at once. There are some way over their heads. some have stepped in areas they have no business in. 

There’s a lot of people trying to create disconnections. They’re so disorderly that they’re efforts are just another way to cause more anger within their minds. Not even trying to be apart of growth just trying to make sure that others do not “prosper.” God has all Power. God the Creator of Mankind who Created the Heaven and the Earth. There is only one. No man nor woman is God. To see so many wasting their lives on foolishness is unsettling. Not in any position to grow just thinking about trying to stop others from their prosperity. 

Outside Photo Belongs to Tanikka Paulk

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