What is Kundalini?

What is kundalini? It is the living energy which supports all the life in this universe. It has a personality of it’s own, it is life itself. When kundalini becomes active in a person, it goes from a sleeping state to a waking one. Normally it is asleep in human beings. But occasionally, kundalini wakes up. It wakes up to enact spiritual growth in a person. The Hindus have known about kundalini for thousands of years. It is basically unknown in the west. This is due to the fact that it rarely becomes active in a person. I do not know why it only chooses certain people. It can not become active by our will, it must become active on it’s own. It can be encourages through meditation and yogic practice. But some people can spend years trying to waken kundalini, and never succeed. Then there are those who know nothing about kundalini, but it suddenly for no apparent reason becomes active in them. The goal of kundalini is to go from the base of the spine, up through a spiritual pathway up the spine called the shushumna. If it reaches the head, union of Shakti and Shiva is said to take place. Shakti is another name for the kundalini energy.

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