What Is Panpsychism?

Panpsychism is one of the most ancient of all philosophical doctrines and traces back to Greek philosophers, Thales of Miletus and Plato.

be-511557_640Panpsychism is the hypothesis that mind (psyche), or consciousness exists everywhere (pan), meaning that consciousness exists outside of the body and not just in the mind.

Due to the rise of positivism, the philosophy of panpsychism declined in popularity in the early twentieth century.

Known supporters included Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz (who laid down the intellectual foundations for the Age of Enlightenment), Arthur Schopenhauer (philosopher), William James (father of Amierican psychology), and Teilhard de Chardin (Jesuit paleontologist).

Note that the theory of panpsychism also supports the much more recent theory of biocentrism, aswell as the emerging science of consciousness which ties in with quantum physics.


[ Image from Pixabay – Public Domain – http://pixabay.com/en/be-being-presence-here-now-spirit-511557/ ]

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