What is the Difference Between Veganism and Vegetarianism?

A lot of people think they know the difference between what a vegan eats and what a vegetarian eats.  In truth the diet of both is fairly similar (although there are some differences) but the real difference between the two is in lifestyle choices.

The biggest mistake in understanding is that some people think vegetarians eat dairy and eggs, but that vegans do not.  This is incorrect.  A real vegetarian does not consume any dairy, or eggs.  Of course, neither do vegans.  Some people are lacto-ovo vegetarians and they do eat dairy and/or eggs.  Again – a real vegetarian consumes neither.

Vegetarian burger as prepared by my husband

Vegetarian burger as prepared by my husband

As far as diet goes the biggest difference between a vegan and a vegetarian is that a vegan will not eat honey.  Honey is made by bees and as such does not fit their model for a diet which does not impact animals.  They also will not consume anything if it was deep fried in oil that had any meat products deep fried in it or using animal fat.

The main difference between vegetarians and vegans, as mentioned above, is lifestyle. 

In addition to a diet that does not involve animals a vegan will not wear anything that involves animals.  As such a vegan will not wear leather, cashmere, silk, wool, or fur, and so on. 

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