What you must think to become a better writer?

“You don’t have a shot at becoming a good writer until you stop thinking of writing as a skill to be learned, but as one facet of a much larger project: to become someone worth listening to.”

I must learn grammar. Subject-Verb Agreement. Correct prepositions. Proper tenses. And so on.

I must write and write and write and write… From morning to evening. Every minute and every hour.

I must drink, eat and sleep with writing.

This is what I am doing. This is what I obliged myself to accomplish for me to become a better writer. But in contrary, a writer who wrote the statement above in his article, “3 Habits That Separate Good Writers From A Tragic Wannabes, busted the belief that to become a better writer, one must be writing all the time. Well, that’s one of the considerations to become a improved one but this routines also determine those who are wannabes only. Guilty as charged, I am one of those.

To qualify on his classification as tragic wannabe, I always think that to become a better writer, I must know all the grammar rules. I must not stop writing so that my skill will improve. Upon reading his statement above, I am sure to myself that I missed something that is truly important if I want to become a good one, which is letting my voice become more influential to everybody.

I am guilty that I write just to impress, and that’s my haughty fault. I never consider the importance of what I am writing. I never consider my readers. I am always neglecting the vital essence why I am writing, which is to become helpful and something worthy. I just tap the keyboard of my netbook to form beautiful words, not sure if my readers would understand what I want to say.

The minute I came across with the thought-provoking statement at the start of this article, I realized that when I write, I must not think if I have been improved or not in writing. What I must always consider is the thing I would gladly others learn from me.

And this is my promise to myself as a tragic wannabe who is aspiring to be a real good writer.

How about you? How can you make yourself a better writer?




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