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Do you believe that wonderful and interesting people and places exist all around the world? So do I. Based on my virtual travels, Slovenians seems to be my kind of people! Why do I say that? Mainly because of Tolovaj.com (aka “Tolovaj Wordsmith“), a small publishing house in Ljubljana, Slovenia, that specializes in publishing literature for children as its primary line of business. As a secondary business project, they delve into the under-reported history behind many of the classic fairy tales and share the fascinating results of their research.

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  • Did you know the first edition of Grimm’s original story, “The Frog Prince”, was not even intended for a child audience?
  • Do you know the true symbolism and history behind the fairy tales, “Sleeping Beauty” and “Little Red Riding Hood”?
  • Sure most of us know about Aesop’s fables. But do we know Aesop?


Many o1001 Arabian Nightsf the Tolovaj articles are on display at their blogs or at online writing communities like Zujava, HUBPages, and Wizzley. On display? Yes. Take a look and you will agree that the research findings are presented to the reader in such a way that not only is it very enjoyable reading but the accompanying artwork turn the pages into visually stunning masterpieces.

  • Aren’t you a little curious about the real story behind all those stories collectively known today as “1001 Arabian Nights”?


By Léon Carré (Livre des 1001 nuits) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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