White Lash, white males, even women vote in Trump

White Lash hits America

A nation is stunned when Trump wins the White House.

A term that was coined by CNN analyst Van Jones has rocked the nation. And, in my opinion, he is right. White Lash, white males, even women vote in Trump. What came to be the most unexpected, painful American decision left me on my knees, sobbing as I saw my nation embrace Trump. And in spite of his outrageous behavior, unprofessional hate mongering, his racism, sexism, and being a sexual predator, this will be our President for the next four years.

We had a clear choice, to empower women and people of color and America got it wrong. I am ashamed of my country in how they left rationality behind and voted in this egotistical monster. Trump will not be my President. Trump will not get my support, as he won saying so many unpolitical correct words. words we have fought for to overcome.

We shall overcome. Women and girls are stunned this morning. I am glad I don’t have a daughter to have to explain this unbecoming election of a man who bullies, sues, and battles with his loose cannon mouth. The only reason he finally became palatable was that he finally started reading the speeching someone else wrote for him. His handlers even took away his phone so he couldn’t get his big mouth to spew more of the ridiculous statements he’s been putting on Twitter.

The nation is surprised, I think Trump’s team is surprised. Like a close friend said to me was. There is always impeachment. It’s only a matter of time before the ideals and values of evolved, compassionate people come back around.

All Trump’s bad karma will swing the pendulum and I will wait for judgment to come toward him. I feel so deeply for Hillary and all her followers who were wanting to smash through that glass ceiling, only to build up to finally accomplishing it, only to not achieve something that baby boomer women have waited for so long.

The dream lives on. We will overcome. We remain strong capable women whose battle cry is momentarily a big sob.

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