Who Decides Who is Ugly?

In the USA, March is Women’s History Month but for me, researching the topic of women in history has never be restricted to one month.  Always want to learn from my sisters and how they rise to the occasion whatever that might be.  Sharing a link to a blog called historyandwomen.com which discusses “ugly concubines”. If you are even slightly familiar with the reference to “Four Beauties of Ancient China”, then the mention of an ugly concubine would immediately grab your attention.  It grabbed mine and made me think.  Hmmm …??  Who decides who is ugly?
Here’s a quick summary.

  • One woman who was shunned by everyone in the village because she was so ugly. Yet! She attracted the attention of a king. He thought she was “remarkable”. He married her and she helped him rule the country. It was a period of peace and prosperity in China.
  • Another woman was so unattractive that she was a spinster until the age of 40. She dared to demand an audience with the king and warned him that China was in danger. She told him his luxurious lifestyle made him ignorant and unaware of what was going on around him. He heeded her advice and took her as his concubine.

Tell me you don’t want to know more about these:

Ugly Concubines



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