Who is Peter Ackroyd?

Who is Peter Ackroyd? Biographer, Historian, Poet, Novelist, Etc.

Peter Ackroyd is an author. A word to describe him? Eccentric.

There was another word used to describe him but it wasn’t very complimentary (my opinion), and as such, won’t be mentioned by me.  A few synonyms for eccentric are: odd, bizarre, outlandish, peculiar, weird and strange. Sounds like he lives in Austin, Texas. But he currently resides in England.  Eccentric? I’ll say. He writes using a pen and paper in longhand. That’s insane! Nobody does that any more! “It’s just the way I work”, he says.


Well fine then, Mr. Ackroyd. You certainly can’t be accused of not working.  Peter Ackroyd’s body of writings includes poetry, bibliographies of notable persons like T.S. Eliot, Charles Dickens and William Shakespeare, a series of history books for children, a collection of English ghost stories, and several novels. He even retold Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales and wrote a libretto for an opera.  His current projects include the completion of six volumes of the History of England, a few more novels, and a biography of Alfred Hitchcock.


Where does he find the time?  Uh … that’s all he does, all day and all night.  He says he isn’t much interested in socializing and reserves two Sundays in the month for some interaction with people.  Most of the time, it’s just him and his books. Peter Ackroyd Amazon's Author PageHas Mr. Ackroyd written so many books you don’t know where to begin?  Start here: The Trial of Elizabeth Cree; a murder mystery, the setting is 1880 Victorian London; a woman is accused of poisoning her husband. 


Reference: Rosen, Jody. “Man of Many Words: Up Close and Personal with Peter Ackroyd …” T: New York Times Style Magazine 15 Sept. 2013: 110-14. Print. Men’s Fashion Issue, Arts and Letters 


Image Credit for Author’s Photo and Book Covers:  Amazon.com



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