Chuck Taylors All Star ii sneakers.

The Chuck Taylers All Star ii, you’ll find them everywhere. The popular sneakers are the favorite shoes for king and countryman alike. You can combine the running shoes with almost everything. Jeans, suitor skirt. The Chuck Taylers All Stars ii by Converse are available in all the colors of the rainbow. 


The funky sneakers where worn by Kurt Cobain, Katy Perry and I recently saw a youtube video where the famous American theoretical physicist and cosmologist Lawrence Krauss wore them ! And rapper Wiz Khalifa made his own collection in 2014. 

The popularity of the fashion sneakers shows. The yearly sale by Converse 2 billion dollars!!, 7% of the total sale by mother company Nike. Question is : How is it possible that after almost 100 years the all stars are still so popular.
Because the first All Star sneakers by Convers where produced in 1917. Converse tried to win over the basketball shoe market with the new design. Chuck Taylor the designer of the sport shoes was originally a basketball player. He promoted the product and became Convers’s figurehead and spokesperson.

After 100 years the design hardly changed although Chuck Taylor tried out different materials as well such as leather. But in the end the original canvas sneaker was the most popular sneaker of Converse.


Why are the Chuck Taylors All Star ii sneakers so popular. 

1. Never change a winning team.

conevers-ii-seriesThe All Stars are great, they only had one lesser point. They are not really orthopedic safe. That’s why Converse after almost 100 years changes the fashion sneaker. The new sneakers have a much thicker sole and support. They are more comfortable then the old ones.   

2. A lot of variation.

At the moment you can find more then 280 different All stars. Different colored shoes and variation in design. From high heeled converse sneakers up to the classic flat sport shoes.

3. Price

Compared to other sport shoes the Chuck Tayors ii are not expensive. You can already own them for $50.


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