Why Buy Precious or Semi-Precious Stones?

Based on evidence gathered from archaeological digs we know that precious and semi-precious stones were highly valued in ancient times, just like they are today.

  • When did people start using gems for personal ornamentation? Unknown.
  • When did people start believing precious stones have magical or healing powers? Unknown.
  • When did people start using signet rings as seals for business purposes? Unknown.

Well maybe somebody knows the answers to these questions. But not me. The majority of my knowledge about gemstones has been gleaned from the Bible; mainly the Old Testament book of Exodus and the New Testament book of Revelation. Some of it was extracted from a script for a James Bond movie. Elizabeth_Taylor_portraitAs you can see, I know almost next to nothing about precious and semi-precious stones, other than the facts that they are very beautiful, make a good financial investment, and if a man wanted to woo the late Elizabeth Taylor he’d have a very good chance of winning her affection if he gave her diamonds.  Although her prospective partners would have probably been happier if she could have been satisfied with flowers.  They are less expensive and she wore them  quite well.  Don’t you agree?


Featured image credit: Elizabeth Taylor portrait found at wikipedia.org   

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