Why Write On DailyTwoCents or Get Paid To Write Sites than Own Website or Blog

Why We Should Write On DailyTwoCents And Get Paid To Write Sites

Hello everyone,

Get paid to write and blog sites are fun and easy way to earn money online.  Dailytwocents is one of the reputed sites in get paid to blog niche. Dailytwocents changed its paying model recently from per per views to Google Adsense revenue share. I am happy with this change because it will help me to speed up my Google Adsense earning.

I am not an expert in Google Adsense but I do know little bit about Google Adsense. Google Adsense click rates are different from country to country. Google Adsense pays less to Asian country views and clicks that means if we get clicks from Asian countries the rate is lower than the European countries.

I was wondering,  why I should write for DailyTwoCents and other get paid to write websites when I can write on my own blog?.  DailyTwoCents get 25% of our Google Adsense earning that means we loose 25% of our earning but I was wrong.

Reasons why we should write on Dailytwocents and get paid write sites

Dailytwocents Has More Traffic Than My Blog and Website

Dailytwocents has more traffic compared to my blogs and on Dailytwocents I don’t need to promote my articles to get views. I have to take efforts to increase my blog traffic through social media marketing.  Dailytwocents has thousands of daily visitors so I don’t need to promote my articles to get traffic.

Dailytwocents Has Users From Various Countries

Dailytwocents has users from around the world. Most of my blogs are for Indian audience and Google Adsense RPM and CPM is very low for Asian countries. If I write on Dailytwocents I can get views from different countries which results in higher RPM and CPM.

It Will Accelerate My Google Adsense Earning  

I will get more traffic and more clicks on my Google Adsense Ads and this will increase my earning.


Networking is an important part of personal and business development. Dailytwocents has expert writers who share their knowledge through great content which I like to read and share. I learn from these articles and these articles help to improve my writing and blogging.  I can connect with expert writers from different niches which helps to increase my networking and make me aware about the latest trends in various niches.


Writing on get paid to write sites boost up your Google Adsense earning. Your articles spread across thousand of viewers without taking extra efforts on article promotion. So an hour for these get paid to blog sites is worthy and helpful for brand building. 

So what do you think, do you think it’s good to write on Dailytwocents and get paid to write sites than your own blog or website?

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