Why I Am Giving Daily Two Cents Another Chance

Daily Two Cents Second Chance

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So I am back at DTC with a vengence after a prolonged absence – in fact I never did much more than dabble here as I have never liked the set-up.

In my opinion the advertising here is horrible. The often irrelevant and numerous adverts make the pages look spammy and trashy (sometimes even pornographic!) and are reminiscent of the 1990s when people threw up a page with as many banners and Click Here! messages as possible in the hope that something would stick.

However, another writer that I follow continues to write here and when I absent mindedly checked my Adsense account a few days ago I noticed that I had earned a small amount from a click from this site. Not enough money to get excited about but enough to pique my interest.

Also, I have several hundred articles on a wide variety of topics sitting on the hard drive of my computer that are not published anywhere and that seems a waste. I have been taking the odd one out, dusting it off, checking with Copyscape (just in case) and then publishing on my own blogs or elsewhere, but I might as well do something with them that maybe, just maybe will bring my balance on my Google account up to the level of a payout.

We will see!

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