Why I Support My Church’s Charitable Works

There are a lot of charities and non-profit organizations around the world. My church works with a few non-profits in the UK, including Baptist Missionary Society (BMS). I support the church in this, and give when I can.Why I Support My Church’s Charitable Works

At the moment, most of the donations are going towards BMS. The organization already has people in Nepal, to help with the devastation after the two recent earthquakes. The money collected also actually goes into helping the people, rather than mostly into the organization. One thing that I really dislike about major non-profit organizations is the amount of money that goes into the TV advertisements. I understand that they need this, but it leaves so little to actually go to the causes.

The only issue I have with BMS is that it has little affect on some needs. For example, those who are working in Nepal still have to deal with customs control! I’ve heard that customs is not allowing certain foods across for its usual reasons, despite the country desperately needing them at the moment. Other countries also cause problems, like the military leaders in some African countries; they will pick and choose what they want and then send the scraps off to the poorer people. That’s not the fault of the charity, though. It’s the situations within the countries themselves.

Another one my church has going right now is sponsoring a child in Africa. This is done through the Sunday School, and we send Shadrack clothes, toys etc. He’s living in an orphanage since both his parents died of AIDS, and he is HIV positive. The focus is on him getting an education and the help he needs, in spite of his living conditions. We get to hear updates regularly as people do visit him and find out how he is and how the money is being spent. This is really important to know that the help is going to the right person.

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