Why Is Granite Suddenly So Popular?

Granites are formed from molten rocks underground. It is a very hard rock, heat resistant and withstands scratching, chipping and denting. Therefore, it finds wide popularity for kitchen worktop applications. Granite has become popular for worktops due to its durability and ability to withstand wear and tear.

Granites are formed from magma lava deep underground. They are very hard and withstand rough usage of knives in the kitchen. It is very hard, affordable and durable. It safeguards your kitchen from the danger of mildew too. In London, Granite worktops and Quartzite worktops are fast gaining popularity for their toughness and beautiful looks.

You can choose London granite worktops for a kitchen. Its normal dimensions total approximately 6 square meters per slab, depending on the type of granite.


Granite MarbleGranite worktops are very light and available in black, beige, pink, green and a wide variety of shades, patterns and colours.

Do granite worktops require Sealant ?

Just like natural quartzite, some granite worktops also require sealant once a year.  However, only few varieties of the granite worktops require the use of sealants that too once a year.

You can identify the requirement of sealant for your granite countertops through placing a paper towel and soaking in water. You can lift the towel after five minutes. If the color of the granite is black, you need to apply the sealant.

Granite Countertops for bathrooms

Granite countertops have gained popularity for use in bathrooms. It has become the popular choice for architects, homeowners and interiors to redesign or renovate bathrooms and kitchens. It lasts long and very tough. It is scratch resistant. Furthermore, granite prevents mold growth and hence is widely used in washrooms and toilets.

Lastly, granite is very easy to clean. Being a highly polished surface, it does not require any scrubbing or rubbing when cleaning.  

Some more Advantages

Countertops manufactured using other materials can get damaged easily. On the other hand, granite countertops are high resilient against temperature changes. It doesn’t form any cracks if you keep a hot soup pot or an ice cream container.

Wide Variety of Granite

Granite today, comes in a huge variety of designs to choose from. Some of these hardly look like a granite stone but work of art, which is what, makes these unique. People generally prefer to go for something durable yet unique and this is what granite offers them.

Granite Spells Class

There is no doubt about the fact that Granite stands second to only quartzite and diamond that too if it is natural. But marble and natural quartzite can be very expensive. Marble particularly, can be difficult to maintain in a kitchen. Granite on the other hand isn’t usually very expensive making it a great choice for a lot of people who do not want to splurge on marble and yet have a classy looking worktop.

In view of all these benefits, homeowners and interior designers are increasingly choosing granites for kitchen and bathroom countertops. You can choose the best pattern that suits your home décor from the array of choices available.  

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