Why it is Hard to Find Cherry Vanilla Cologne

I have often wondered why it is hard to find Cherry Vanilla Cologne. If you have never heard of it, you really should check it out, especially if you love soft subtle scents that are somewhat sweet. It smells phenomenal! Since countless people love it, you would think that the makers of the product would manufacture more. It is not exactly cheap, but the price is based on supply and demand. It runs about $38 an ounce right now, but it is worth every cent.

Prices Soar When Demand is Up and Availability is Down

If you are wondering why it is hard to locate, consider the logic behind the price. When demand is up and availability is limited, prices tend to soar. Everyone that smells it wants a bottle of their own. Walmart used to have it for $8.99, but it is no longer available. That figures! Walgreen’s also had it, but they no longer offer it either. It is really not surprising. The cologne can still be found, but the price is steadily rising as more people buy what is left. Before long it will all be gone.

The Best Price on New Bottles 

Why it is Hard to Find Cherry Vanilla Cologne

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As I was browsing Amazon, I was tempted to buy a Cherry Vanilla: Cologne Spray, 1 oz bottle , but I held back. It was difficult, but I do not have a steady job right now, and I had to pass it up. It is also referred to as Parfume de Vanille on Amazon. They still have one, 1-ounce bottle and a couple of 1.7-ounce sizes. Who knows how long those will last? They aren’t cheap, but they’re going to eventually sellout completely.

You used to be able to find a Faithful Friends Puppy as well as other plush pets. Even though the bottle of cologne with the puppy is tiny, it was by far the best value. Unfortunately shipping for the smallest product just about doubled the total price. I would still rather have the 1-ounce bottle. I just wish that I had the extra money.

Many Discount Stores and Drugstores Used to Sell It

I signed up to receive notice when more becomes available at Walmart. It was available at a much lower price, but it might never happen. K-Mart, Sears and Walgreen’s also used to sell it, but Amazon seems to be the only retailer that has it these days. If the company is still manufacturing the product, they must be holding out. I have not been able to find any information on their status or why it is hard to track down. It has become a mystery that I would love to solve.

Why You Should Not Buy Partially Used Bottles of Fragrance

Used bottles of fragrance are available on eBay, but I would not recommend used or opened perfume or body spray of any kind. It is most likely old, and fragrances do not improve with age. The smell tends to change, and it is usually not for the better. I would rather pay more for a brand new higher priced bottle than end up with something stale or overpowering. When wondering why it is difficult to locate, keep in mind that it is best to get it while you can. Someday very soon, you might not be able to get at all. I just hope that I can buy some before it is all gone. 


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