Why Replacing Meals When Dieting Is Bad

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There are a few diets that recommend you cut out certain types of food. Others will recommend cutting out certain meals altogether. They could offer shakes or juices to replace the meals with, or just get you to fast during certain hours entirely. These are dangerous diets. When you’re dieting, there are six reasons not to replace your meals.

You Need the Nutrition

Food gives your body the nutrition it needs. Some dieting plans say the shakes and juices offer all the nutrients you need, but that is not always the case. Even if it is, your body is not getting the nutrients the natural and healthy way. It’s important to have healthy and balanced meals throughout the course of the day, whether it’s breakfast, lunch, dinner or a snack.

Your Body Needs the Energy

Lunch is one of the meals often recommended to skip. However, even though it’s not as important as the other two, it is still an essential part of giving your body energy. It keeps you going while you’re at work, and makes sure your body can do all the tasks needed. This is especially the case if you have a very demanding job.

Your Metabolism Will Slow Down

When you don’t eat enough, your metabolism starts to slow down. Your body worries about you not getting enough food, so it clings onto the calories that you do eat to keep them for later. This slows down your weight loss considerably, and could even lead to you gaining weight. The best thing to do is eat small, regular meals that are healthy for your whole system.

replacing meals when dieting

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You Crave More Bad Food

When you don’t eat properly, you start to crave more food. More often than not, the type of food that you crave is not good for you. This leads to you eating far more calories than you need, and you intake more sugar too. It may seem like you have the energy and the craving under control after that, but you soon get a bad slump. You will also end up with a cycle of replacing a meal and craving the bad stuff.

It’s Harder to Live Your Life

Replacement meals and fasting diets are just so restrictive that it makes living your life really hard. When your friends ask if you want to go to lunch, there’s no point because you can’t eat the meals there. When your boss wants you to go to the Christmas party, you’ll find it really hard to enjoy yourself when not eating. You’ll soon find yourself falling off the wagon.

Exercise Is Difficult

Fasting and meal replacement diets usually lead to your calorie intake reducing completely. This makes it very hard to go about your daily life, let alone trying to exercise. You will feel out of breath, dizzy and just really struggling to put the effort in. You could even end up with medical issues because you are trying to do too much without the energy.

Instead of replacing the meals that you eat, you should focus on a healthy and balanced diet. You will have more energy and will lose the weight gradually. It may not lead to losing 30lbs in a week, but it is certainly much easier to keep off over the long term.

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