Why You Should Just Embrace Weight Watchers’ New Plan

Last week, Weight Watchers unveiled its new plan in the United States and United Kingdom. It was unveiled earlier in Australia and Canada and is still to be unveiled in parts of Europe (likely January). The new plan takes a more holistic approach, but has been faced with a lot of negativity.

The truth is, the plan is encouraging people to cut back on sugar and saturated fats. Not everyone wants to do that! While people want to lose weight, they don’t want to miss out on treats or feel like they’re on a diet.

After following the plan for the last two months (loosely as I’m a pregnant Weight Watchers leader), I wholly recommend it. It’s not just boost weight losses, but it’s boosting health. I may not have lost weight due to pregnancy, but I have seen just a healthy weight gain and my blood pressure quickly dropped back to low normal levels because of the changes.

Here’s why I think you should just get straight into it and embrace Weight Watchers’ new plan.

It Really Does Work

Weight Watchers isn’t after money from you. Well, yes, it is a business but that isn’t the reason for the change. The whole point of the change is to stay up to date with current health guidelines and encourage better food choices. We’ve all heard about the obesity issues, especially in the USA and UK.

The plan really does work. And I can say that the company isn’t just after money because weight losses have been bigger in most cases due to the reduction in sugary items. There are people losing 3-4lbs per week, when they lost just half a pound a week on the old system. People are going to get to goal sooner, which means Weight Watchers gets less money out of them.

This is a plan that really does work. The only reason most people don’t see it work is because they’re not being honest and not tracking properly. Some are just so resistant to it that they don’t get in the right mindset to give up some (not all) of their chocolate.

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It’s Not All About Weight Loss

One thing about the new plan is that it’s not just focused on weight loss. As I mentioned, I’ve seen my blood pressure drop. It’s starting to go back up now but that’s due to being in the last four weeks of my pregnancy than anything I’m eating.

The new Weight Watchers plan is all about increasing your activity levels and enjoying your life more. There’s a whole section on smiling more—in other words, finding something that you enjoy and doing it. We’re all guilty of not taking time out for ourselves. There are 168 hours in the week, so taking one for yourself isn’t that much to ask. I asked my members if it was possible and all but one said that it wasn’t. I reminded her that a class is an hour long, and she takes that time each week to get weighed and stay to meetings, where she can focus just on herself.

There are also other health and weight factors to look at. Taking inch measurements and looking at clothes sizes is a great way to judge whether a plan is working. I get a lot of people telling me that they’re so happy to fit into the next size down. It spurs them on for another week.

It Encourages Healthier Choices

I can’t tell you the amount of times I would look for extremely low-pointed dinners and even consider skipping a meal to have an unhealthy treat on the old plan. The new plan has made me think again.

Because items that are very sugary or high in saturated fats have increased, I now wonder whether they are worth it. I love that lean meats, like chicken and 5% mince, have decreased in points. It’s really encouraging me to make healthier choices throughout the week.

There are still days that I want my treats, and I’ve found alternatives. Really, the chocolate is now just a weekly treat; the way that it used to be when I was a kid!

Activity Points Are Easier to Earn

We now start earning activity points as soon as we get out of bed. There’s none of this waiting until we get to a certain number of steps. This is great because it encourages more activity.

Just 800 steps earned me a FitPoint last week. 30 minutes of swimming earned me 30, and I wasn’t even trying that hard.

There is a slight downside to this. Weight Watchers encourages us not to use FitPoints, but we can if we want to. It’s all about being sensible. The benefit is that we’re encouraged to do more, which is great for our health.

I really think you should embrace Weight Watchers’ new plan. It’s not just because I’m a leader, but because I do honestly believe it will help you. If I wasn’t a member, now would be the time for me to get into it.

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