Wild Parrots of Irvine, California



Do you think you have to travel to the Amazon in order to see parrots in the wild?  Actually, there are a number of flocks of wild parrots that live in and around Irvine, California … as well as other locations in Orange County, California.

Parrots are not native to California.  Experts believe that the wild parrots are the descendents of parrots that were either set free or escaped from the people who originally owned them.  There were enough of the these escaped birds that they met up and eventually were able to reproduce, thus providing us with these colorful flocks of birds that are so bountiful in our area.

I drive my grandkids to school in Irvine and one of them spotted some of the parrots this morning.  I pulled the car to the side of the road and we all got out, staring up into the trees.  Much to my delight, we discovered that there were at least eight parrots hanging out above our heads.

Although I was not able to get a good photo, I did find this YouTube video of the parrots in the Irvine Regional Park, which is only about two miles from where we were standing.  I don’t know if they were the same parrots we were looking at or a different flock. However, the ones I saw looked very similar to the ones in the video at the top of this article.

I have heard that parrots are spreading throughout the area and can be found in a number of communities in Southern California and even as far north as San Francisco, which gets quite chilly in the winter.  If you are ever here in California, I hope you have the opportunity to see some of our unique wild parrots!  Where else in the United States are you likely to find them?

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