Will basketball finally finds its way home?

OpenClips / Pixabay

OpenClips / Pixabay

Basketball loving Filipino’s are up on their toes and are in frenzy mode in social media as they show their support to the Filipino delegation that will present before FIBA Central Board in Tokyo, Japan later today and try to bag the hosting rights for FIBA World Cup 2019.

Several countries were considered at first but it was later trimmed down to two nations, it will be either the Philippines or China. Both countries will be given ample time to convince FIBA top honchos on why their countries deserves to host the world cup.

Boxing superstar cum head coach cum basketball player cum congressman Manny Pacquiao and Filipino-American Hollywood actor Lou Diamond Philipps are part of the Philippine delegation while former NBA no. 1 draft pick Yao Ming is their counterpart in the Chinese delegation.  Surely both countries send their top guns along with their presentations to impress FIBA top honchos.

It will be a classic case of David versus Goliath, with all the resources, influences and money China can offer it will be a miracle of biblical proportion for us to win the bid against this Goliath nation but for all the material things that they can offer they can’t still match the love and passion that we basketball crazy nation have. The world seen a glimpse of it when we hosted the FIBA Asia Championship in 2013 and when we participated in the FIBA World Championship last year in Spain, the passion and love for the game of basketball by the Filipino’s transcend beyond imagination and left other nation awed.


#PUSO2019 will be our battlecry through social media to let FIBA officials and the whole world knows that we are one in this endeavor as we as a nation hopes that basketball will finally makes it way home.

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