Some Will Compete With God’s Word Just Observe

There is competition all over. There will be competition in the Church and in every area across the globe. Competing with God the Creator if mankind is a mistake. God is too great for any person to compete with. There are some who are so in tuned with competing and perhaps just trying to get others down. Don’t think that Clothe means there will be no competitiveness some fight for church positions and to just be first. The focus should be on not burning for eternity. Getting into “Heaven’s Gates.” 

Competitiveness is worldly events. Although some competition is healthy there is way too much and in areas where there should be no competition. The key is to stay a prayer and keep going and yes there will be some who use the “Word of God” to try and control others. There is no blessing when we’re focused on trying to break the spirit of God’s children. There’s no way of changing mankind’s line of thinking. The way to get through all of the nonsense is to continue to keep the Armor on and to stay prayed up!

So many will come up against any person who they perceive as aiming higher or in God’s care. Fighting against the darkness and evilness can not be won without the word of God and the “Full Armor of God.” The attacks which come aren’t prospering and although so many may think so. They’re so wrong. When God has called individuals who expects work to be done. The ones who try to hinder what God has already ordained aren’t making it easy for themselves. 

“There will be great suffering for coming up against the anointed.” Some are so focused on competing that they’ll have a difficult time accepting the calling in which so many are receiving. Not up to man who shall be called. God has already chosen who He wants to administer His word. Some may think some aren’t worthy because of what it looks like. God knows. God is the Creator of all. God generated the day and the night. 

There is so much competition that some refuse to see the truth. What is not only said but proven. Some will continue to be in states of denial. Not wanting others to prosper because of their own insecurities. There should be encouragement not the desire to break others  down because of envy. The women competing against one another and the men competing against the women. What a terrible scene. Men should be encouraging women and especially husbands. “The Bible” does state that man is the stronger vessel. 

“The Competition is in Noway a Reason to Give up or Stop a Purpose.” Every Person was Designed to Complete a Journey.” By: Tanikka Paulk

Bright Light in the Night Photo Belongs to  Tanikka Paulk

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