There Will be Envy but Envy is a Sign of a Person Going Places

There must be patience. In time we’ll all be at our designated places. Of course there will be a lot of people who aren’t pleased with seeing a person shine, elevate, and create. That’s something we’ll have to deal with because there’s all sorts of personalities. We’re not in any position to take away others insecurities. The main reason why envy exist is because of human beings flaws. The need to be in competition. No matter what’s taking place. When the “determination” is there. There’s no stopping a person. 

When others are trying to stop a person from trying to do better. They’re only hindering themselves. Try to do something great and there goes the hecklers and the critics. They’re just waiting in the wings for anyone trying to make some progress happen. “That’s right” they’re not happy because if the individuals were happy there would be no need to stop anyone else from achieving. We’re unable to control other people’s feelings and emotions. What they’ll say or do but we can do something about how we’ll react. 

No person in the world should make others feel bad for trying to accomplish. Trying to get to from point A to B. Too many people are concerned about the wrong things. More focused on how others live their lives when there should be focused on how they’re living there’s. “We’re allowed to choose and make our own decisions.” Some people are so toxic. Always trying to control others. Not allowing others to try and succeed. If there’s been some accomplishments then success has already occurred. 

The envious are the ones we should feel sorry for. They’re mindsets continue to cause dysfunctional actions. So unfortunate because if they would just allow others to live their dreams. The individuals could possibly help a lot of people. There shouldn’t be a thought of giving up on a dream just because others aren’t accepting. What’s said should make a person want to do more. Achieve more.” Be thankful there’s opportunities.” 

So many stop dreaming and stop trying because they’ve been intimidated. They’ve allowed others to control their actions. Once there’s a stop then “the dreams” will taken over by another. The very dreams a person has worked so hard for. Not fair not fair at all. That’s why one must continue to fight for their dreams. vision, and ideas if not then others will try to claim the dreams as their own. 

“No Matter What. Go Live the Dream and Keep Progressing. Eventually Everything Will Fall in Place.” By: Tanikka Paulk (Tanikka Paulk)

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