What Will Idcircle Be Like In Few Months, Like Bubblews or DailyTwoCents?

Girl Chewing Gum Bubble

Girl Chewing Gum Bubble

Hey All DailyTwoCents Users,

There is a new site in the writing sites but everyone is sceptical about the site because it is following the same business Bubblews have. Sites like Bubblews don’t keep their promises and it breaks the heart and trust of many users.

This site’s name is IDcircle and its just like Bubblews where we get paid for views, likes and comments. The user base is increasing day by day but people who are member of sites like DailyTwoCents et cetera don’t seems to be interested in joining this site.

I am curious about where this site will be in next few months will it be a next Bubblews or just sites like Bubblews or will it be like DailyTwoCents writing sites which are successfully running their business.

I would like to know what DailyTwoCents Community think about this new site and whether they are member of this site or not and would they be interested in joining IDCircle?

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