Will Peroxide Damage Hair?

Will peroxide damage hair? Yes it will and does, especially when steps aren’t taken to prevent that damage as much as possible. Most hairdressers try to avoid damage during the process of coloring hair by using as little peroxide as possible.

peroxide damage


How to Change your Hair Color without Using Strong Peroxide

You can change your hair color without strong peroxide. This is easy to do. You don’t have to subject your hair or skin to damage if you want to change up your look by using a brighter or darker color. Whether you color your hair at home or at a salon, this will work for you.

You can use one of the formulations that is free of peroxide. This includes Cellophanes by Sebastian. If you only want to lighten your hair a little bit, consider using cinnamon and honey. Cinnamon and honey do help to lighten your hair. This combination releases a little natural peroxide but not in such great amounts that you get the damage seen with harsher chemicals.

Bonus Tip

Always take the time to follow the instructions that come with any hair coloring product carefully. You can use cinnamon and honey when you shampoo to ensure the best results with lightening, even if you are using no other product with peroxide.

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