What Will You See With The Despicable Me 3 Minion Cam HD WiFi Camera?

Despicable Me 3 Minion Cam HD WiFi Camera
The appeal of the Minions from Despicable Me isn’t that there are so many of them — that’s a given — but that so much can be accomplished because of their numbers. In the same fashion, the Despicable Me 3 Minion Cam HD WiFi Camera lets you see a lot more than what a single person’s two eyeballs could. And yes that includes how the camera looks as well as how the camera works.

The Minion Cam looks like a Minion (see the picture above), which is a step up from a regular camera just having some features tossed onto an app. What it “sees” you can too, because it’s wireless HD video for streaming. That means it can be placed anywhere the home network’s WiFi signal is available for being accessed through the Internet regardless of your location

The app (iOS/Android) provides a fast means for setting up the camera using Bluetooth, which is a more novel and simpler approach than is the case for many ‘cams. Just remember that it’s designed for indoor use although you could use it outdoors but not in inclement weather conditions. And since it must be plugged into a wall outlet — portability is restricted to wherever an outlet can be found. But with all that in mind, once you’ve gone through the setup procedure, off you go into doing what can be done: obviously viewing a live video stream in high-definition is a given. That includes viewing in low light and night conditions because “night vision” capabilities are built in. Of course being able to initiate snapping a photo or recording a video of what’s being seen is no big deal, and since this ‘cam doesn’t discriminate against pets, creating a pet highlight reel is a simple task to make and save for viewing, posting, tweeting, etc.

Audio works with the video, should you want to listen to what is streaming, but the inclusion of a speaker in the camera means you can talk back. As yourself or as a Minion. That speaker also means that Minion-specific sounds (originating from the app) can be made audible: character voices and sounds that are not common to be coming from a ‘cam. But considering how the Minion Cam looks, it’s only natural that it sounds that way too.

Also, since you can’t be watching the Minion ALL the time, those preferring the automation sides of things will be pleased that motion detection can be enacted to trigger the camera and send out alerts. There’s no memory card, so anything recorded by motion detection is stored in the “Cloud” maintained by TEND, the company making the ‘cam. Freely accessing it is one of the perks of owning this camera, although the storage is flushed out every 24 hours.

The Despicable Me 3 Minion Cam HD WiFi Camera is designed to help you keep track of any “Despicable” activities going on at home, be they people or pets, be that innocuous or otherwise. The app is free, and the camera is almost that too; it costs a measly $49.99 which compares favorably with a set of movie tickets and snacks for a family of four at the movies (watching “Despicable Me” of course).


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