What Will it Take to get to the Location? “Determination”

If one wants to complete their “journey” then there must be a whole lot of pondering a lot of determination. The will to proceed even when there are a lot of noise makers out and about. No person can be held back unless they’re willing to allow people to hold their actions back. Proceeding through the storms is necessary. Some are more concerned with winning than advancing to the next level. No person should want to stay in the same position. There needs to be some progress. 

Even when a lot of people try to hold a person back. The person must refuse to be held back. Some can’t resist being a pain in rear. Every movement is being spied on. There will be some who refuse to just allow individuals to get ahead. Even if the days are filled with little progress. Some progress is better than none at all. There are many “reasons” why some will try to knock others down. For some it’s quite difficult to see others rising up. 

Taking the necessary breaks are needed but there should be some thoughts on how to get on the other side of town. With so many monitoring trying “to conduct an action” may be challenging but not impossible. Some refusing to accept that they’re not invited on the journey and keep making trouble. How to deal with the troubled ones? Ignoring could help but for some the tactic won’t work. If their actions are include harassment then getting the authorities involved is necessary. Some refuse to stop trying to come up against others. 

The road is rough and there are days when one may not want to travel on the road. In order to get ahead there will need to be new strategies in place. The problem is keeping some of the moves private. Next to impossible when there’s so many hears and eyes watching. Every move is being observed. Some wanting to have their way and not “accept there is choice.” One has a right to choose where to go and when to leave. Perhaps supplying dummy plans will through some off but they’ll be looking on. 

Some continuing to try to alter the perceptions of others. By doing so can slow a person down. Causing havoc in every way. The best thing to do is find the best methods to get closer to the location. An adult certainly as a right to choose their path. There’s way too many people who are busy “trying to control” a person’s life and not focusing on their own lives or their own progress. 

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“The Tree Represents Growth and the Growth Can’t Occur Without the Soil.” By: 

Tanikka Paulk

Photo Belongs to 

Tanikka Paulk

Built to Conquer and Rise

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