From Here to There and What Will it Take to get There

Changes will occur no matter who doesn’t want changes to occur. There are changes each day and some are welcomed while others are not so welcomed. There are seasons and reasons why certain events occur. There is a time of growth and a time when it appears as if time has stood still. “Progress” should occur even when there’s pressures presented. There will come a time when decisions will have to be made and some not easy to decide upon but carefully deciding will help find incur the best decisions. 

There will come a time when we’ll have to leave one place and go to another. A time of re-positioning and starting over. Some may redo, do overs, and try somethings which were put down. In order to get from one place to another there will need to be preparations. Trying to prepare doesn’t mean that the preparations will be easily assessed. There may need some preparing before the “preparations.” Which could include thinking long and hard about where one should go and how to get there. 

Leaving one area to another may not be easy but isn’t impossible. The movements may seem long and there could be fatigue but there shouldn’t be any hope lost. There may be feelings of excitement and thoughts of how it would be being there. If there’s a desire to get there then there has to be some preparing to do so. To get there, there could be a lot of tools needed, some tools may be hidden but if there’s determination then  a person can discover “the tools” and proceed towards their destination. 

The key is to stay focused and remain hopeful because any situation can arise and a setback can occur. Some may not even think about “the movement” and just move. Pretty risky but life can be filled with risks. Not easy to do for some. Picking up and just leaving the past behind isn’t something some are willing to do. To start fresh to start all over again may be something some may not want to to do. Some aren’t keen on change. 

There’s many opportunities and some may miss out on their opportunities because of what they’ve allowed to enter their lives. There’s a lot of risk involved with trying to leave one area to another. Not all will be happy with such a change. There’s “many reasons why” some may not want another to travel from one destination to another. No matter how others feel about the changes one must do what’s best and avoid feeling bad about disappointing others. It’s alright to make our own decisions. 

“Getting There may not be Easy but There’s the Will Within and Soon Enough There Will be the Movement.” By: Tanikka Paulk

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