Will there be a ‘Frozen’ spinoff from ‘Once Upon a Time’? Maybe

Fans of Disney’s mega-hit movie, “Frozen” were mostly overjoyed to learn the film’s characters would be featured on ABC’s equally mega-hit show, “Once Upon a Time. The characters of Elsa, Anna and Kristoff will be figuring prominently in at least the first half of the season. Could those characters make a success of a spinoff series though?

There is certainly potential for that to happen and if anybody could make that happen, it the boys behind the success of “Once Upon a Time”, Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz. These are the same tow who behind the success of the smash hit “Lost” a few years back. Even ABC President Paul Lee has expressed faith in their capabilities.
During Lee spoke at the TCA Press Tour on Tuesday about the potential for a “Frozen” spinoff and his faith it Kitsis and Horowitz. “We don’t have immediate plans for a Frozen spinoff, but they’re so inventive, those two…”

Still, “OUAT” fans may recall that just lost season the creative launched another “OUAT” spinoff, “once Upon a Time in Wonderland” with disappointing results. The show ended after just one season. The difference with a “Frozen” spinoff could be the fact that they will have a good chunk of a “OUAT” season to launch these characters and perhaps the world they come from, Arendelle. If the team handles the characters well in the original series, they will carry over a huge “OUAT” following as well as fans of “Frozen.”

What does Lee think of the possibility of another series spinoff? “Eddy and Adam are endlessly inventive, so they have glints in their eyes of stories that they can spin for years to come. So it certainly doesn’t rule out their ability or my ability to go beyond “Once,” he said. Specifically with regard to using the “Frozen” characters on “Once Upon a Time”, he added, “Frozen is a wonderful asset. John Lassiter (executive producer of the Frozen film), himself flew up to Vancouver, he’s integrally related to the way we’re doing that. Adam and Eddie always have a twist on every story, so you can imagine their twist is going to be very different. But no, I think it’s the perfect time. We’re thrilled with it.”
“Once Upon a Time” will air its season 4 premiere on Sunday, Sept. 28 on ABC.

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