Women strike on “a day without women” How about a week without sex?

Women strike on a “day without women”. How about a week without sex? To protest that Republican’s want to de-fund Planned Parenthood. Taking away the ability for people to get birth control. And while you are at it, schedule your man for a vasectomy so that men will now have to take over birth control.

Wouldn’t you think this could work? A week without sex, or a month? Until things change. It’a war on women, who still live making 78 cents on the dollar that a man makes all because we have vaginas.

Women have to come together and say we’re not going to stand for wage inequity any longer. We’re not going to take it anymore so we can fight back in the only way that will get the men’s attention.

In a world of 7 Billion people do you think that we should make it harder to obtain birth control? Did you know that no federal money goes for abortions and still they want to de-fund the agency that gives women cancer screenings, pap’s, men’s services too?

So have your man get out his calendar and set up his appointment to take over the birth control and get a vasectomy. If you plan on having kids one day, a child you choose to have when you want to have one, then have him freeze some of his sperm.

So go out there and begin your week without sex!


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