Working Online can be Quite Annoying

So many writers have discovered how annoying working online can be. Not being able to control what’s displayed and posted can be irritating. There are some areas which are riddled with the most negative “information” for instance some social media sites. That’s why some choose to spend less time on certain platforms. Some have even deleted their accounts. Gosh, do people have to be so annoying all of the time, never being positive? Not to mention some of the most ridiculous questions. 

Some setting traps for others. Perhaps “the competition” is one reason why some choose to take so many jabs at others and for some it’s a way to gain attention. That’s why it’s best to simply ignore the communications which can cause some stress. There’s a lot of trolling online and so many have had to deal with individuals who are not only annoying but continue to harass. Some have chosen to stop using their devices and computers in order to generate some peace. 

“Technology” allows so many to get into devices and just wreck havoc not only on the devices but on individuals lives. Some never stopping unless the law gets involved and in some cases the law must do so in order to generate some peace themselves. There may be pressure to stop individuals from causing havoc. Some writers have expressed how they’ve retired early and some have become ill because of all the pressure. Mainly the stress can stem from bullying. Cyberbullying. There’s a lot of bullying taking place on and offline. 

Some actually go online in order to harass others. Trying to create upsets and just trying to get attention from certain individuals. There’s major competition online and some have “discovered” that the some are willing to go to great lengths in order to cause a meltdown for others. Powering down devices is necessary. The negativity can leave any person fatigued. There are some who will go to different social media platforms just to harass and bash others. 

A lot of celebrities have discovered how some are willing to send threatening messages in order to scare celebrities. Some may think that their behavior is funny when it’s actually causing grief for not only the celebrities but grief for the individuals as well. Some may not be mentally stable and will continue their behavior until there’s some intervention. Cyberbullying is a big problem which needs to be addressed. “Tackling” bullying is difficult. 

There’s way too many people who have taken their lives because of bullying. Some end “up” becoming dysfunctional because of long periods of being bullied. Bullies have or are bullied. They’re releasing their pain onto others. Being online and shining in someway can attract a lot of bullies, cynics, critics and etc. There’s no need to be online for long hours. Do what needs to be done and log off. It’s important to stay mentally healthy. 


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“Some Have no Love Within or are so Consumed With Life’s Events and Spill the Toxins Onto Others.” By: Tanikka Paulk

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