Wreaths and Parades (A Memorial Day Poem)

American, Flag,Townsfolk gathered as

they marched on the train.

Flags waved.

Mothers cried.

A brass band played.


UniformIn their sharp, shiny uniform,

they look all the same.


Heroes sent fighting for

freedom and nation.


PriestBells rang out over

a standing ovation.


Young gazes firm set

rushed into the fray.

Blue and Gray.
War,, Battle


The price they paid.

Stars, bars and stripes over

their blood-soaked grave.


Some straggled back,

Homelessbent and decayed.

Betraying the horror

they had seen and made.


They cried out for mercy.

I just turned away.


Wreaths and parades.

Hot dogs and displays.

Home of the brave.

Memorial Day.


(Images from Pixabay.)


Cemetary, CrossesThose who have fallen deserve your reflection.

Put down your craft beer.

Pay some attention.

Did they die for freedom or in wars of aggression?


They do their job and don’t ask why.

They depend on you for that –

not words of praise and a pat on the back.


Just why should they fear?

The recruiter talks of honor, glory and a bright career.




Draft cards burned in their elders’ day.

A different time. A different space.

Are you wiser now? Or just old, rich and safe?


You honor their sacrifice, the freedom they bring.

Patriotic words as you lay down a wreath.


Let the government worry about veterans’ needs.


Go back to your beer and your barbecue table.

Wave your bloody flag and believe its fables.

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