Why I Write About Special Needs Kids and Autism

Twelve, nearly thirteen, years ago my youngest daughter was born. It was not an easy birth, but her older sister was not easy either. 

As she grew older, it became apparent that she was different, but not in a way that I recognized the way I do now. It took her going to public school before someone could point out what exactly wasn’t the same about her behaviors as her classmates. 

Why I Write About Special Needs Kids and AutismIt took many more years before we sorted out what was probably going on with her. More years after that, we started to get help in understanding how her brain works so much differently than ours. 

Even now, in the last couple of years, we are still learning more because she keeps changing and growing – just like any other kid. 

As part of my process while working through all the emotions that go with working through a child with mental illness and behavior disorders, I started writing about special needs kids and autism. I even managed an online podcast (radio show) for a while and would love to have the time to do it again. 

I’ll share more in my next posts about what else I do besides advocating, teaching and learning about people with special needs. 

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