Writing Prompt: Park Bench Wisdom

The park bench has been a witness to a lot of emotions and happenings in life. It remains as a sturdy and functional fixture in any location. How comforting it is to see a bench after a long walk. The sight of benches implies that the place is a welcoming one. It simply tells you, “slow down a bit and give yourself time to rest.”

park bench

” I have seen and heard the laughter of thousands and I’ve felt the drops of tears from lonely and heartbroken company. In the summer, I lay under the heat of the sun, but kids don’t mind sitting on my heated concrete slab. I was there as the backdrop of a million happy smiles of families, newly-wed couples, students and those oh-so-lonesome selfies you photographed for posterity.

When you breathed a prayer and when you poured out your angst, I heard that, too. Remember when you were plotting to kill someone, it was just a curse you allowed no one but me to hear. I would have given you all those park bench wisdom I’d echo from those wise sages who sat here years before, but you weren’t listening, because you’re too preoccupied with your own mental mast*rbations.”

I’ve heard it all, I’ve seen it all.”

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image credit: pepperminting of Pixabay.com

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