Yahoo Front Page News Loaded with Sporting Event Spoilers

Yahoo front page sports news

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Yahoo Front Page News is Loaded with Spoilers!

I have been a long time loyal Yahoo user, I even still have and use their mail service for over a decade.  But, in recent months I’ve noticed a growing trend with their front page articles–they are loaded with sporting event spoilers!  It could be basketball, football games, or UFC events that I didn’t have time to watch live, or when it originally aired. When there are upcoming sporting events that I plan to watch at a later time, I avoid going to Yahoo at all costs. 

For instance, immediately after a UFC event concludes for example, they will plaster a huge main event spoiler with a headline, and/or picture that says it all!  Why do they do this?  Does Yahoo have some kind of agreement with UFC to spoil the events, so viewers are persuaded to buy the live pay-per-view shows?  For this one reason alone, I am breaking my long standing relationship with Yahoo, and will be switching my go-to site for the latest news. 

I will also be canceling my Yahoo mail that has been active for 15 years.  I just can’t take it anymore, they have ruined dozens of sporting events for me.  Would it destroy them to instruct their authors and publishers to leave spoilers out of their article titles and photos?  It only takes one miss-click to accidentally end up on Yahoo’s front page and to glance at a picture with one of the main event’s UFC fighter arm raised in victory, and the sporting event is ruined.  Yahoo administration, stop spoiling sporting events with results for people who are unable to watch it live!


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