Yanni Live at the Acropolis

Never heard of Yanni?  Sharing the link to this video of  “Yanni Live at the Acropolis” (in Athens, Greece). Often times I don’t contribute my two cents because, in error, I think people already know, so why bother? Since this is a global community, making assumptions that people already know who you’re talking about, therefore there is no need to mention the person is absolutely ridiculous! Although this particular artist may enjoy international fame and many people do already know who he is, for those who do not know or perhaps know but never took the time to listen to any of his musical creations, you are in luck! There are concerts clips that have been uploaded to YouTube.  (Press play.  If video below has not loaded or does not load, click here to view.)


Karen BriggsAfter listening, just try to tell me you don’t want to go out and buy some of his albums to have in your personal music library.  Just in case the Internet goes on the blink and there are no online videos to view, that won’t be a problem because you still have your handy dandy CD player. If you enjoy nothing else, you will tell all your friends about the sista chick with the violin. In the violists duo, she was killin’ it!!  Not that the other violist was not also exceptional, but it was the first time in my life ever seeing anybody groove playing a violin. One word for that performance:  MEMORABLE.  Holler!!  Her name is Karen Briggs.  She’s an American.  If you’re American:  Holler twice!!  Representin’!  🙂


Watch Yanni – Live at the Acropolis (1994) in Other Music  |  View More Free Videos Online at Veoh.com


Yanni – Live at the Acropolis
Yanni Live At the Acropolis 

Image credit for Karen Briggs: Wikipedia

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